Understanding Epidemiology and its Terms

Epidemiology is the study of patterns of spread of disease or events related to health, as well as factors that can influence the situation. Epidemiology is carried out in certain areas of society, ranging from a small scope to a larger scope. For example, the housing environment, schools, regions, countries to the world. The application of epidemiology is to conduct an investigation of an event related to health so that it can be controlled. For example when an outbreak occurs. Terms in Epidemiology In epidemiology, there are terms called epidemics, endemics, pandemics, and epidemics. All of these are related to serious illnesses. The following is an explanation of these epidemiological terms: The plague Outbreak is the occurrence of a disease in the community, where the number of people infected is more than usual, in certain communities or in certain seasons. This outbreak can occur continuously, starting from days to years. Not only in one region, but can also extend to ot
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